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Primary Care GP dataset

The Primary Care GP dataset is an individual level database containing data which has been entered during the patient consultation. The data held within the database varies by practice however data held spans January 2000 to October 2014. The size of dataset averages around 5000 but ranges from 1000 up to around 30,000; depending on the contributing practice.

Each GP practice uses a clinical information system to maintain an electronic health record for each of their patients; capturing the signs, symptoms, test results, diagnoses, prescribed treatment, referrals for specialist treatment and social aspects relating to the patients home environment.

There are no standard rules for recording data within primary care clinical information systems. Therefore, each individual clinician can record information in their own way. The majority use Read Code Terminology, however, sometimes this is applied behind the scenes by the clinical system and sometimes local codes are used. Read codes are not as precise as ICD 10 or OPCS codes.

Coding standards have been agreed on for conditions monitored by the QOF (Quality Outcomes Framework) returns. Since the implementation of QOF these conditions have been coded in a more consistent way.


Average around 5000 but ranging from 1000 up to around 30,000; depending on the contributing practice

Data Level

Individual person

Data Years

January 2000 to October 2014 (approx. as varies by practices)