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Patient Episode Database for Wales (PEDW) – Hospital admissions

The Patient Episode Database for Wales is an individual level database containing NHS Wales hospital admissions data for inpatients and day cases from the years 1997 until the present day. The dataset comprises of attendance and clinical information for all hospital admissions: includes diagnoses and operations performed. There are approximately 950,000 hospital admissions per year. PEDW can provide information regarding both health service utilisation and also the incidence and prevalence of disease.

The data are collected and coded at each hospital. Administrative information is collected from the central PAS (Patient Administrative System), such as specialty of care, admission and discharge dates. After the patient is discharged the hand written patient notes are transcribed by clinical coder into medical coding terminology (ICD10 and OPCS).


Approx. 950,000 hospital admissions per year

Data Level

Individual person

Data Years

1997 – Present