Tasneem Sati

03 June 2020

Tasneem Sati

Why I decided to get involved with the Be Heard initiative and become an ADP champion

Who am I?

I am Tasneem and currently, I am a recent Accounting and Finance BSc graduate at Swansea University. Alongside my studies I delivered and lead aspiration-raising activities for targeted children in Swansea, and I promote Swansea University to prospective students through my Senior Student Ambassador role. I have completed 3 internships in Accounting, Finance and Marketing in Swansea and in Libya. Work aside, I am a travel enthusiast and I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and participating in any competitive activities (arcade games, PS4, Nintendo Wii, quizzes etc).

What is Be Heard?

The Adolescent Mental Health Data Platform (ADP) provides opportunities for research to offer new insights in young people’s mental health. ADP believe that the voices of young people are vital in shaping future mental health research; which is why ADP created the Be Heard initiative. This movement aims to encourage the involvement of young people to engage with ADP research which will improve the wellbeing of young people. The quality of research will improve when young people’s participation, feedback and opinions are considered. Be Heard has been co-developed by young people for young people to ensure that research stays relevant.

Who are ADP champions?

The ADP Champions are a group of people aged 16-25, who are passionate about supporting ADP researchers work. Joining the ADP champions means your advice and feedback regarding research documents, such as consent forms, study protocols and questionnaires as well as project results; will be considered. It supports researchers to create studies and focus research that directly relates to young people.

Why I decided to get involved

Getting involved with the Be Heard initiative and becoming an ADP champion has enhanced my CV by developing my communication skills. I give both written feedback via emails and verbal feedback because I work in the office alongside the passionate researchers. The work has real impact and I enjoy the flexibility in being an ADP champion. As an ADP champion I provide insights to create positive change. I can meet other young people and share experiences. There will be events throughout the year where ADP champions can get involved, which is exciting!

What my future plans are as a result?

As a result of my participation in the Be Heard initiative, I have become much more aware of mental health and its impacts on people. I started watching documentaries and videos to learn more about mental health, so that I can understand and support people more. I feel that I understand my friend’s mental health better, and I have become more involved in supporting them. Becoming an ADP champion has also helped me decide that I want to work in the public sector or in companies which aim to help in shaping society and making a real impact.